Silky fruit explosion with a predominant flavour of strawberry wrapped in candy floss, subtly drizzled with gooseberry syrup and a bouquet of secret heavenly aromas.

Let yourself be carried away by the elixir of the goddess Aphrodite.

Available in the following formats:

50ml Booster

nic_salt_1.png10ml Nic Salts
30ml Aroma concentrado
50ml Booster 0mg*
+Concentrate for adding flavourless Nicokit.
60%VG / 40%PG

We recommend adding 10ml of flavourless Nicokit to dilute the aroma concentration before vaping.
10ml eLiquid Nic Salts
Option 10mg o 20mg
50%VG / 50%PG

Formula adapted to maximize flavor in pod type devices
30ml Aromas
PG y aromas
Dilute al 20% en PG/VG.

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Aldonza reserva

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A balanced blend of a tobacco selection and the best vanillas steeped in American oak barrels to create the base for this exquisite eliquid. We added different flavour profiles to round off its elegant bouquet. An exclusive eliquid with three different phases of steeping.


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A delicious eliquid made with a selection of vanillas topped with cream on a base of custard cookies with a touch of caramel. A balanced blend of subtle creaminess to create an all day vape.

Café con caramelo

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High category eliquid, based on the delicious coffee with homemade caramel made by our grandmother.

Cream coffee

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A coffee cream with a mild, velvety flavour and a creamy base. A balanced aroma in which you can taste the subtle flavours of coffee, vanilla and cream. Recommended blend 10%.