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Gama Nic Salts

Some of our most demanded flavours, with nicotine salts. .
Formulae adapted especially to maximize the flavour in pods


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Praliné de avellanas, cacao y chocolate blanco con un sutil toque de café, que junto a una crema de Baileys, redondea esta exquisita receta. Un e-liquid de sabores selectos, magistralmente fusionados para encontrar el equilibrio perfecto.


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Tarta de zanahoria creada en una colaboración de Bombo y El Mono Vapeador. Una sedosa capa de crema de queso Mascarpone con pequeñas virutas de frutos secos envuelve un esponjoso bizcocho con zanahoria triturada. A su vez, a la suave textura de la tarta se le ha añadido un relleno de chocolate blanco.


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Bright leaf tobacco harmonized with vanilla, caramel and corn cookies, meticulously seasoned with secret ingredients. An eruption of aromatic nuances with its own character


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Silky fruit explosion with a predominant flavour of strawberry wrapped in candy floss, subtly drizzled with gooseberry syrup and a bouquet of secret heavenly aromas. Let yourself be carried away by the elixir of the goddess Aphrodite.


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The creaminess of a select vanilla custard with soft notes, a light layer of toasted sugary Catalan cream and an aged wooden undertone will make you reach nirvana. Probably, the idyllic flavour you always imagined but which had never before been attainable.

Tabaco Rubio

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Tabaco suave aderezado con sutiles matices aromáticos para degustarlo a diario. El aroma para alquimia más demandado de Bombo, ahora en formato eLiquid con sales de nicotina.


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An exquisite blend of the world’s best tobacco leaves meticulously selected and bathed in bourbon with a touch of honey. A genuine tobacco flavour creation with unique character.


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Vanilla churros covered with cinnamon sugar. The devotion of the sweet eliquids lovers.

Crema Santa

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Exquisite cake with custard cream layer topped white and dark chocolate, vanilla and nut pieces, adorned with coconut sugar. A heavenly delight.


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Elegant and balanced. This eliquids has been created emulating the preparation ritual of a Gin & Tonic, starting with an exquisite white gin, adding several layers of ice, lemon zest and a splash of tonic.


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Cured tobacco with subtle wood notes and fresh leaf flavour, providing the perfect contrast for your all day vape. Authentic.


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Rich flavours from golden tobacco leaves blended with fine traces of walnut shell and sherry oak barrel notes, where you can be delighted by different wood spices notes and a subtle truffle flavour. A unique tobacco eliquid with its own character, with prominent notes of the elegant sweetness of sherry oak barrel.


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Its balanced fresh taste and blend of subtle fruit flavours makes this eliquid an all year vape. A refreshing cascade of natural flavours. A refreshing cascade of natural flavours.

Aldonza Reserva

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A balanced blend of a tobacco selection and the best vanillas steeped in American oak barrels to create the base for this exquisite eliquid. We added different flavour profiles to round off its elegant bouquet. An exclusive eliquid with three different phases of steeping.

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The Yaya

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Bombo’s Granny’s best recipes, in an eliquid form. Highly elaborated, with the fondness and an artisan touch of our favorite cook.

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Nic Salts

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Some of our most demanded flavours, with nicotine salts. Formulae adapted especially to maximize the flavour in pods.


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Bombo Official Nicokit from which the original formulae of our 50ml Booster have been derived.

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