How can I buy bombo eliquids?

This platform it's only destinated to profesional resellers/distributors.
If you're a final client, you can take a look to map of the distributors/resellers, and locate your proper shop.
You can access to the map of distributors/resellers clicking here.

If you're professional you can order Bombo Eliquids in a few easy steps, you only have to create an account here, and after the comprobation of your data you can start making orders.
 You can order 2 different kind of packs:
A pack of each flavor and nicotine level or an assortment pack according to your needs, with different levels of nicotine flavor you choose.

Composition Packs (boxes): 10 units of 10ml

Composition Packs (boxes): 6 units of 30ml

Flavors: Navelina Express, Torquemada, Tucan Tropic,  Kijote, Garbo Dulcinea ,  Trubio, Sherpa, Banila , Nectar

Nicotine levels (mg/ml): 0mg, 3mg , 6mg, 12mg,18mg.

If you want to become a bombo distributor please contact us heare


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