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Tabaco Rubio Virginia

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Authentic taste of Virginia Tabaco Rubio. Dry and pronounced flavor.

Tabaco Rubio Almendrado

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The iconic Tabaco Rubio flavor from Bombo with an almond twist that adds an extra layer of flavor and throat hit.

Tabaco Rubio Creme

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The legendary Tabaco Rubio flavor from Bombo with a creamy touch.

Tabaco Rubio

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Smooth tobacco seasoned with subtle aromatic nuances to be enjoyed daily. Bombo’s most demanded aroma for alchemy, now in eLiquid format with nicotine salts.

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Pure Mediterranean experiences turned into eliquid, typical to our soil. Our most extensive and varied range. The origin of Bombo.

The Yaya

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Bombo’s Granny’s best recipes, in an eliquid form. Highly elaborated, with the fondness and an artisan touch of our favorite cook.

Essential Vape

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Optimized formulae, excellent flavours, reduced prices. The economic range of Bombo eliquids, with the quality and safety that define us.

Golden Era

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The range of our particularly golden era. The Bombo liquids at our maximum lucidity and creative climax, the ultimate culmination of a successful project.


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Masterfully Remastered Mythical Relics.To enhance the nuances of its exquisite flavor

Platinum Tobaccos

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Classic tobacco recipes that last through time, with the master touch of Bombo®️.

Wailani Juice

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New range of intense fruit trees by Bombo®Destined to be the sensation of summer!

Pastry Masters

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Delightful pastries from BOMBO pastry experts.

Nic Salts

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Some of our most demanded flavours, with nicotine salts. Formulae adapted especially to maximize the flavour in pods.


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Bombo Official Nicokit from which the original formulae of our 50ml Booster have been derived.

Aromas Concentrados

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Complex and simple aromas and molecules to use in your best alchemical recipes.

Solo Salts

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New Packs of Sales 30ml 3x10ml. Available in 10mg/ml and 20mg/ml


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Bombo products in collaboration with third parties.


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