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Professionals and Consumers Testimonials

"a top sales that continues to surprise"

“In 2014, in the middle of the e-Cig crisis, I opened my first shop and I heard about a new brand of e-liquids that had launched 4 new and original flavoured liquids for vaping. I made enquiries and contacted them (Bombo eLiquids), we began to trade with a quick and resounding positive response from our customers, and they are still our biggest seller today, who continue to delight our customers whether they are veterans or new vapers. Bombo has become one of our favourite and leading brands that never goes out of fashion ¬- one of the families at VaporShop Canarias. They are a guaranteed success with our consumers due to the many subtleties in their recipes and the assurance they transmit through their diligent work.”

- Santiago de Pablo -
Owner of Vaporshop Canarias

"searching for “the taste” that would enable me to forget about tobacco"

“I had smoked since I was 15 (I’m 59) and I was recently smoking 1 carton a week (more than a pack a day). For the sake of my family at home and especially my health, I decided to try swapping tobacco smoke for the flavours of vaping. When searching for “the taste” that would enable me to forget about tobacco, I was lucky enough to find the Bombo liquids. With the variety they offer, they helped me find something I could vape all day long, and other aromas which I enjoy on special occasions. Thanks to their Aldonza and Dulcinea liquids, I achieved it. If this message can help people to discover them like I did a few months ago and to stop smoking, I will be satisfied. Don’t stop trying, it is worth it!”

- Jaume Alsina -
Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona)

"noticing a clear improvement in my health and well-being"

“A year and a half ago I was given an e-cigarette and 2 bottles of Bombo vaping liquid at Christmas. I wondered what for, since I had already tried to give up smoking several times with acupuncture, hypnosis, etc. and it hadn’t worked. How surprised I was when, after 40 years of smoking, I was able to achieve it thanks to Bombo’s Branila and Sherpa liquids. I am very grateful and I have kept away from tobacco: noticing a clear improvement in my health and well-being. I can now enjoy sport without getting out of breath while enjoying the pleasure of vaping. Everyone should try it!”

- Ana María Peidro González -
Ibi (Alicante)

"In one word, unbeatable, really"

“My experience with stopping smoking cigarettes began with the help of vaping. I should mention that after experimenting and switching between different liquids and flavours, I came across what is today my trusted shop, VaporShop Canarias. They played their best hand the first day they placed the BOMBO brand in my hands, as this undoubtedly is and continues to be my favourite BRAND because of the different liquid flavours it offers: all of them with something special, even after several years, (which does not occur with other brands) ever since the first 30ml bottle of TRUBIO, the liquid that finally made me give up cigarettes, with its tobacco taste and its subtle nutty flavours that without a doubt, satisfied my sensations and preferences. Each and every one of the liquids are worth having and enjoying, not forgetting my favourite BOMBO liquid: VAINARA, an unsurpassable liquid today despite the attempts by different brands. As always, Bombo offers, as it always does, the right percentages for intense flavours and unique textures. In one word, unbeatable, really.”

- Ángel Braulio Miranda Suárez -
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Las Palmas)

"I wish I had done so earlier"

“I wanted to quit smoking, but I could never do it. I had heard of vaping but I never dared to try it. A work colleague urged me to try it and I have now been vaping with Bombo for 7 months. I wish I had done so earlier. Right away I noticed how better I walked up the hill when returning from work. My favourite flavour is Branila. I think it is delicious and I never tire of it. Over time, I have gradually reduced the nicotine concentration to the minimum. I encourage you to try it. It could change your life.”

- Nuria Oltra Sancho -
Alcoy (Alicante)

"I play sport and enjoy a life without tobacco"

“I used to smoke two packs of cigarettes per day. It was taking a toll on me physically and I thought I could never quit smoking until I discovered vaping; thanks to Bombo and their liquids, I have stopped smoking. Personally, I like the refreshing flavours such as Tucan and Garbo. Now I don’t even think about smoking. I play sport and enjoy a life without tobacco.”

- A. Vidal Canarión -
Telde (Las Palmas)