Platinum Tobaccos

Blend of select tobaccos. The preferred recipe for those seeking the characteristic flavor and throat hit of authentic natural tobacco.

Available in the following formats:

50ml Booster

nic_salt_1.png10ml Nic Salts
100ml Booster 0mg*
+ Concentrate for adding flavourless Nicokit.
60%VG / 40%PG

We recommend adding 10ml of flavourless Nicokit to dilute the aroma concentration before vaping.
10ml eLiquid Nic Salts
Option 10mg o 20mg
50%VG / 50%PG

Formula adapted to maximize flavor in pod type devices
30ml Aromas Concentrated
PG and aromas

Dilute al 20% en PG/VG.

Product Reviews

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A natural tobacco flavour, fusioned with a creamy praline of cocoa, hazelnuts and white chocolate. Finished with a touch of classic Irish cream.


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Pleasant blond tobacco with nuts on a base of tender chocolate sponge cake. A perfectly balanced fusion between the classic tobacco flavor and the creaminess and sweetness of a delicious dessert.

Nutty supra reserve

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A variation of the award winning Supra (Best Tobacco E-liquid Vapexpo 2022), famous for its sweet tobacco mixed with balanced toasted and caramelised flavours. Now mixed in this recipe with a delicious butter of selected nuts. Thanks to the double aging technique, we achieved an amazing e-liquid unique in its own category.


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Blonde tobacco with just the right amount of sweetness, with subtle reminiscences of the classic RY4 and pleasant toasted notes that make it exclusive of its kind.