Aroma compuesto de esencias enigmáticas acompañadas de un equilibrado frescor. Una combinación fresca de sabores naturales que no dejará indiferente a nadie. Maceración inmediata, mezcla recomendada 10% Aroma esencia del e-liquid ZERO

Available in the following formats:

30ml concentrado

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Blond tobacco

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Finest selection of tobacco leaves which evoke the aromas of the best vaping tobacco. Recommended steeping period of 7-10 days to enjoy all the different flavours7-10 to enjoy all the different flavours.

Cream coffee

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A coffee cream with a mild, velvety flavour and a creamy base. A balanced aroma in which you can taste the subtle flavours of coffee, vanilla and cream. Recommended blend 10%.


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Its balanced, fresh aroma and its subtle fruit flavours make this one to enjoy every day, any time of the year. A refreshing cascade of natural flavours. INo steeping time needed. EDEN eLiquid essence aroma.Recommended blend 10%.


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Sweet lemon and apple. A harmonious mix of these two great flavours, blended together in a creamy base. Together, they create a unique and very special taste. Recommended blend 10%.